That Time I Was a Deal Blocker
Written by Juliana Crispo
I recently got to thinking whether I’ve been a “deal blocker” in my life. 

Let me tell bring you into the room when...

Our CS team was deciding between 3 fancy new customer support SaaS options. 

In the conference room were 3 members from Customer Success, the Director of Success and Director of Sales Engineering. 

But, they were at a stand still. 

That’s when they pulled me into the room asking, “Juliana, what do you think?”
3 Takeaways to Increase Your Close Rate Based on 72,326 Sales Calls Analyzed [New Research]
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How to Create Urgency Using the "FOMO" Button
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The Traffic Light System to Get Sh*t Done
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They’ve got a system to get sh** done.
How to Sell Into Fortune 500s with this Linkedin Hack
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