How Vishal Went from 90% to Consistent 130% Quota Attainment and Enterprise Sales Leader
Written by Juliana Crispo
In this customer interview, Vishal Arya discusses his journey from 90% to consistent 130% quota attainment as well as going from individual contributor to manager leading a new enterprise sales team. 

How Angela went from 90% to 189% Quota Helping Internal Legal Teams Adopt Better Systems
Written by Juliana Crispo
In this customer interview, Angela and I talk about her journey from 90% quota attainment to 189% quota attainment. 

She talks about the importance of mindset in sales and how to keep yours in check, her formula to get meetings prior to business trips and the major change that led her to double her results. 

That Time I Was a Deal Blocker
Written by Juliana Crispo
I recently got to thinking whether I’ve been a “deal blocker” in my life. 

Let me tell bring you into the room when...

Our CS team was deciding between 3 fancy new customer support SaaS options. 

In the conference room were 3 members from Customer Success, the Director of Success and Director of Sales Engineering. 

But, they were at a stand still. 

That’s when they pulled me into the room asking, “Juliana, what do you think?”
3 Takeaways to Increase Your Close Rate Based on 72,326 Sales Calls Analyzed [New Research]
Written by Juliana Crispo
AI is changing the world and and sales is no exception.

Today I’m excited to share with you a BIG development in the world of sales research made to improve your close rate.
How to Create Urgency Using the "FOMO" Button
Written by Juliana Crispo
I just got a message from a Provide student that hit his $1M mark in sales….
The Traffic Light System to Get Sh*t Done
Written by Juliana Crispo 
How do some entrepreneurs and sales execs accomplish so much more than others?

They’ve got a system to get sh** done.
How to Sell Into Fortune 500s with this Linkedin Hack
Written by Juliana Crispo
Selling an enterprise product into a major brand is a different game than SMB. Sometimes all the emails, cold calls, tweets, and inMails in the world still won’t get the attention of key contacts at that Fortune 500 account....