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-Christina Pena, Manager LightSail Education


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"As a former Teach for America corps member, I wanted to transition out of the classroom and follow my passion for technology, but it was challenging, and frankly intimidating, to explore opportunities in a new industry without feeling like I needed to start over. Provide helped me navigate different startup roles, acquire new skills, and highlight my previous experience to attract the opportunities I wanted. Now I'm making a difference on a much larger scale and I love what I do."

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-Christina Pena 

   Manager, LightSail Education


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We know your more than a resume. Our unique video interview process is designed to highlight your unique skills and match you with companies that appreciate your unique strengths. 

"As a Division I athlete, I didn't have much time to network with employers in college. Post grad, I felt like I was wasting a lot of time interviewing for jobs with not much growth potential. Provide gave me the education and network to launch a career at a growth startup in a booming industry. The preparation allowed me to come in confidently and helped make me a consistent top performer in my new role." 

-George Martin

Business Development, Livestream


Whether you recently graduated or you're thinking about switching careers, we are NYC's premiere career accelerator helping you launch a business career you'll love in the fast moving world of tech.

Christina Pena


"The program pushed me way outside my comfort zone and opened my eyes to opportunities I'd never thought about."

"Getting a quality job post college isn't easy. You have to fill out tons of applications and waste time in interviews with companies that are sketch. Provide gave me the education and network to launch a career at a growth startup in a booming industry. Because of the education, I was able to come in confidently and hit the ground running in my new role." 


"College doesn't expose or prepare you to be a do-er the way businesses need you to be today. What you learn in 4 days here you can take with you for life."

Charles Lerner




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You're more than a resume. We'll show you how to position yourself for opportunities otherwise out of reach.

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We'll give you resume building special projects with real companies to build experience and get a sense of the work.


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Your experience with Provide, and our support, will not end until you have a job in the field. Beyond that, you'll gain the network and friendships for life. 

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New cohorts starting weekly in person and online.

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The business world is changing. Learn what it takes to be successful in business today. 

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Our Proven Process Is Your "In" to NYC's Fastest Growing Venture Backed Companies

Our hiring partners are all venture backed companies disrupting industries and innovating daily. Hiring managers and VPs will reach out directly to you to invite you to next steps in their hiring process. 

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Whether you recently graduated or you're thinking about switching careers, we are NYC's premiere career acceleration platform to help you find a career to keep up with your ambitions.


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Am I required to take a job with one of your partner companies?

Absolutely not. Our expert career coaches will help you position yourself and your newly gained skills to get your foot in the door at whatever company you desire. However, if you're in a crunch to get hired now, we are the priority talent pipeline for a number of growth startups which means, you're likely to get job offers very fast. We also offer a $1,000 signing bonus if you take a job at one of our partner companies. Regardless, we will work with you until you land a job you'll love in the field as your success is our #1 priority.

What do startups look for when hiring?

Contrary to popular belief, technical skills are just small piece of the equation. Startups look for above average EQ, management potential, and a willingness to learn by doing. We've found that the biggest struggle people have transitioning to the startup world is going from an overly "passive thinking" mindset prided in academia and consulting to more of a "doing" mindset. While thinking critically is essential, without great execution we'd fail to innovate and move forward. That's why our emphasis is on teaching people to become doers and take action. 

How many people have had success with this program?

Over 2,000 people have had success with our program both in person and online. Provide was initially incubated at a company called Startup Sales Bootcamp where the emphasis was on succeeding in modern sales roles at tech companies. 

From that we learned two big things as a. company: (1) Many students of that program went on to be top performers and lead sales teams that are now hiring - creating a powerful network effect in our business and making us the leader in this space.  (2) Sales is a skill-set every tech company wanted in their employees regardless of title because it demonstrates "grit".  

Since, we decided it was time to broaden up to appeal to a wider audience that  might feel allergic to the world "sales" and so we re-branded that program as "Provide". 

What's the difference between BD and Sales?

BD roles and sales roles will differ depending on the company's business model - we'll show you through examples in class so you can make an educated decision about which is right for you. In an entry level context, "BD" is essentially booking qualified meetings from inbound leads. In a more senior context, BD is essentially sales without a quota because the TAM (total addressable market) is not clear yet.

"As a Sports Management Major with 6 months of sales experience, I found it challenging to take a semi-cold conversation from 'who the heck are you?' to 'yes I'd love to meet you right away'. Provide taught me the psychology and technique that goes into getting buy-in from strangers which is essential to be competitive in business today. "

-Chuck Lerner, Business Development at Appboy


-Lauren Leonhardt

Business Development, CultureIQ


"I had no shortage of job offers but Provide got me a job offer with a base salary $10,000 higher than all my other offers. I found the whole experience invaluable. If you're someone that wants to get in on the business side of a startup I highly recommend this. "

 Your Friends Jealous

Your Family Proud 

 You feel challenged & happy

What kind of business titles have you helped people get?

  • Sales Development Representative
  • Business Development Representative 
  • Sales Consultant 
  • Account Executive
  • Inside Sales Executive
  • Business Development Manager
  • Account Development Consultant
  • Marketing Manager (Mid level)
  • Marketing Manager (Entry Level)
  • Product Manager (Entry Level)
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Enterprise Business Development
  • Marketing Operations Manager
  • Sales Operations Manager

What kind of partner companies do you work with?

We partner with companies that will invest in the success of our student's career development. We get the inside view on this from our vast network of past students at these companies now. We will rarely discourage you from going after a company you want to apply for unless we have information that tells us this company is on the downturn. If you are interested in applying to become a partner company, please contact Juliana Crispo at, subject: "Provide Partner". 

"As a teacher wanting to break into tech, I struggled to find roles that could play off my prior experience without me starting at the complete bottom. Provide helped me learn the ropes of tech and position myself for the roles I wanted in EdTech."


"Provide got me a job offer with a base salary $10 higher than my other offers. I ended up taking a job with a company they didn't recommend only to learn that they were right -  I ended up leaving and taking a better job at a startup Provide now partners with. I am now a consistent top performer at my company."


-Lauren Leonhardt, BD, CultureIQ


Our Proven Process is Your "In" to NYC's Most Respected Startups

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What is your business model?

Students pay us for the education, world class mentors, and access to competitive startup jobs. Companies pay us to market their job opportunities to our students. We are so confident this program will land you a job offer and exceed your expectations - we offer a 100% money back guarantee to students that don't get jobs. If you are unhappy with your experience in the program for any reason, we will refund 100% of your tuition costs. 



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